5 Types of Food You Eat Daily That’s Making You Sick

Food is an integral part of living, but it can also backfire and cause diseases, exacerbate certain conditions, and even slowly poison us without even knowing it. If you’re a food lover, or just someone keenly aware of their health (read more), this article is for you to read. Here are the top 5 foods you’re consuming that might harm your body.

1. Bread

We’re starting with the most surprising food if you haven’t read up health and food articles online. You might be thinking there has to be a loop or a logical reason behind bread being one of the most unhealthy things to eat. You’re not wrong with the latter, as there is a comprehensive reason why eating bread in your diet every day can cause some severe health problems in your near future.

Bread that is 100% whole-grain, such as whole wheat or the bran and germ of a kernel, is an excellent addition to your diet, as it is fibrous and nutritious. However, bread becomes terrible for your health when it turns white. If you’re eating white bread, usually sold in the grocery or a bakery, you’ll most likely be consuming carbohydrates and excessive sugar instead of fiber. There’s a saying that goes: the whiter the bread, the faster you’re dead, and that’s very true in this case.

2. Soda

This one’s a no-brainer, but it’s still shocking to know that a large chunk of the American population consumes soda daily. Diet sodas aren’t any better either, despite having lower calories. An artificial sweetener called aspartame is still present, which has proven to damage your health. Any artificial addition to food can be considered unhealthy and dangerous.

3. Fruit Juice And Smoothies

Before you bring your pitchforks and torches, we don’t mean homemade, freshly squeezed fruit juice or smoothie. Packaged or store-bought are versions of these drinks that are detrimental to our health. When you drink canned or bottled fruit juice, are you aware that you’re consuming more sugar and no fiber at all?

The worst of it all is the complete lack of nutrients that help your body, such as Vitamin C, calcium, and other necessary vitamins and minerals. It’s not as bad as a soda, but it can still give you an unhealthy amount of calories at the end of the day.

Other than vitamins from fruits, you can also try supplements. One from Herbalife is a perfect example. Supplements will fill in the nutrient gaps you might have missed in your diet throughout the day.

4. Trail Mix

Trail mix is one of the most common snacks anyone can have, but did you know it’s also one of the unhealthiest snacks you can consume in your lifetime? Usually, store-bought trail mixes have added chocolate, sugary fruits, salt, and sugar added. Some even add fat and oil that many nuts already provide. If you want the healthier version of it, dry-roast some nuts and add in dried sweet fruit of your choosing for a healthy, on-the-go snack.

5. Instant Oats

Is there a difference between choosing the type of oats you eat, you might ask? Yes, there is a vast difference between instant oats and whole oats, as the former completely lacks fiber (link:https://www.nutrition.org.uk/healthyliving/basics/fibre.html#:~:text=Fibre%20helps%20to%20keep%20our,the%20digestive%20tract%20more%20quickly.) because of the manufacturing process, while the former retains the indispensable nutrient. And when you choose to eat instant oats because it saves time from cooking, you’re cheating yourself and your health because fiber is one reason people consume oats.