Become an herbalife member

You may always order online directly from our site (, but if you already know and love the Herbalife Products, and you want to become a distributor or preferred member to order directly from Herbalife Corporate at a member’s discount, please follow the steps below to start the sign up process.

Step 1

Decide whether you just want a discount on your own products, or whether you want to make money by selling products to others.

Preferred Members: (USA & India Only)

Receive discounts from 20% to 40% depending on how much you order each month. Preferred Members MAY NOT sell products to others.

Annual Renewal Cost: US$15.00


Ability to make profit by selling products to others and recruiting others to sell, as well as discounts from 25% to 50%, depending on how much you sell and order each month.

Annual Renewal Cost: US$15.00 to US$80.00

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