Reasons Why Coffee Isn’t Always The Best Morning Drink

Coffee-drinkers may disagree, and many people may consider this drink as their official start of the day, but everything has a disadvantage one way or another. Sadly, even coffee (check it out) isn’t exempted from that fact. It can be as deadly as illegal drugs or lack of sleep if used too frequently in your daily life. Do you know someone who takes too many cups of coffee in the morning? Read on and share this article with them to raise more awareness today!

1. It Can Cause Irritability

You know caffeine can boost your energy levels up, leave you more alert, and even push you through a hectic day or overtime. However, it can also affect your moods, and not in a very positive way. It can leave you irritable and angry when you’re generally even-tempered and about things you’re not bothered about.

This isn’t a problem with you, but a normal reaction to your responses. This can be due to the adrenaline spike caffeine causes to your body, which activates your flight and fight response. In this mode, you’re alert, on edge, stressed, and, yes, irritable as well.

2. Can Be The Cause Of Anxiety And Anxiety Attacks

Have you ever had a bout of anxiety a few hours after drinking a cup of coffee? Well, that one of the cons of drinking coffee in the morning. Instead of giving you energy, it contributes to your anxiety, especially if you have a preexisting condition. The reason is the same above; the adrenaline being the main reason why flight and fight response gets triggered, thus causing your anxiety attack.

3. It Can Affect Your Normal Bowel Movement

Coffee can contribute to IBS occurrence, though it can’t be pinpointed as the main reason for the condition. Coffee is well-known to increase stomach acidity, which is one of the IBS causes in the first place. Drinking a lot of water and taking your supplements (link: can be one way to avoid this condition altogether. Still, lessening your coffee consumption, especially in the morning, is ideal.

Other than that, bloating, excessive gas and farting, and constipation can be other side-effects of excessive consumption of coffee.

4. It Can Keep You Up

One of the well-known effects of coffee is that it keeps you awake at night. That’s why many experts suggest not taking coffee in the late afternoon or late in the evening. This can easily disrupt your sleeping cycle and can leave you exhausted due to lack of sleep.

5. Some Types Of Coffee Can Increase Cholesterol

The type we’re talking about is the unfiltered one. Many users swear by it, but unfiltered coffee actually can raise your cholesterol because of its content once unfiltered. Therefore, if you’re going to make your morning coffee a habit, make sure you choose a filtered one for the sake of your coronary arteries.

6. It Can Dehydrate You

A cup or two every day can be less harmful, even more beneficial, to the body. However, too much coffee consumption in the morning can easily lead to dehydration, as it is a natural diuretic. If you can’t beat your urine output with the input you drink, it’s better to skip the coffee altogether.